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About Cook’s Painting & Renovations, Inc.

Cook’s Painting & Renovation, Inc. is a full service painting, decorating, and restoration firm based out of Altoona, Pennsylvania.  We specialize in historic buildings including, but not limited to, churches, theaters, and government buildings.  We have a skilled team of Craftsman and artists to accommodate the most intricate of projects.

About the President and Founder

Christopher Cook grew up around many talented artists, craftsmen, and businessmen. He began his career as an apprentice and then as an employee for over ten years working on many of Altoona’s finest buildings, including the Mishler Theater, City Hall, Baker Mansion, the Pennsylvania State Capital Building, the Hershey Theater, and many area churches. In 2002 he founded Cook’s Painting & Renovation, Inc., providing excellent painting and restoration services to local businesses and churches.

Our clients include:

The Blair County Courthouse
The Mishler Theatre
The Casino at Lakemont Park
Center City Church Downtown
Mount Carmel Church
Assumption Chapel
Second Ave UMC
Saint John’s Lutheran Tyrone PA
The Palace Theater Greensburg PA
The Woods Mansion Huntingdon PA
The American Rescue workers building Williamsport PA
Baker Mansion
St. Marks church
St Luke’s
Santella’s Funeral home

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Our Services

Architectural Decoration & Restoration

Cook’s Painting and Renovation, Inc. can transform your historical building or church back to the way it was intended to be seen. Our company takes the utmost care in preserving as much of the original structure and architectural details as possible, as well as doing historical analysis and research of original finishes and decoration schemes. A historical restoration and redecoration involves plaster restoration, repair and installation of canvas, custom murals, stenciling, wood preservation, and restoration as well as architectural decoration and gilding, faux finishes, wood graining, and leafing.

Ornamental Plaster Restoration and Replication

We offer a complete ornamental and smooth plaster restoration service, which includes replication of damaged or missing pieces of moldings and castings as well as smooth wall restoration from wood lathe to final topcoat. We also have an expansive collection of custom ornamental plaster Molds and Combs that can be used in a new design to meet your specific needs.

Wood Restoration and Replication

We specialize in the restoration and replication of historical woodwork. This includes the preparation and removal of old finishes. Applying new historically accurate finishes on wood products. Restoration and re-creation of woodwork including but not limited to window sills and frames wainscoting crown molding and baseboards.

Exterior Painting and Restoration

Cook’s Painting and Renovation, Inc. offers a full service interior and exterior painting service which includes basic preparation and painting of commercial buildings and churches. We offer microscopic analysis of historical buildings to uncover the original color scheme and design new color schemes. This also includes Restoration and replacement of rotted wood.

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